About US

african tribe cameo  was founded in late 2021. Our Cologne founders were inspired by a fantastic greeting video from Africa at a birthday party in Asia. After long and intensive research, suitable partners were found abroad who guarantee fair and sustainable production conditions. In the next few weeks we will be able to present further production teams at home and abroad in order to be able to offer an even broader range of products.

Use video from africa to request a personalized video message from Africa/Egypt/Thailand or other country's people for yourself or your loved ones, be it a birthday, anniversary or work promotion. Put a smile on someone's face with a very cheerful video message - a surprise wish you will never forget!

Not only can you send a memorable message video to your friends and acquaintances. At the same time, we can help people in poverty using this groundbreaking service "surprise videos from around the world". And this service can create many jobs in poverty-stricken areas and secure economic independence for as many people as possible so that they can become independent from their lives relying on donations. By doing so, we are creating jobs for them.